Audience Feedback


The 2016 Festival

We very much enjoyed the concert: such a beautiful setting in which to hear wonderful music, superbly played.  We shall certainly be back next year.

I was in seventh heaven at your concert, maybe eighth!
- RR, Paris

The musicians were phenomenal and the chateau looks even more beautiful than before.  
- ND, London

The two concerts were absolutely wonderful. Ayaka Shigeno is a very special musician and I am sure that we will hear more about her in the future.
- JW, Sainte-Mère

The 2015 Festival

Musicians of a really professional level, top notch. And as always the setting was magnificent. It is very clear that the musicians were really enjoying themselves. It is a very worthwhile series and I thank you for organising it.  
- GL, Savaillan

Last night was memorable, the reception and setting impeccable, the Shostakovich particularly exciting. Many thanks.  
- FF, Marsac

As always, it was a total pleasure. Each year gets better than the last.  
- MF, Pauilhac

I think what you are doing for young musicians and for music lovers in this part of France is brilliant. I’m only sorry it has taken me so long to appreciate it, especially as I live just down the road. I would like to become an ‘Amie’ and will send on a cheque.  
AJ, Lectoure

The 2014 Festival

The melodies of Dvorak are still spinning round in my head and the extraordinary power of that Brahms. I thought it was an amazing concert that evening; such committed and vigorous playing.
- SMc, Sainte-Mère

It was a beautiful evening; the music was divine.
- CH, Lectoure

What a great evening. We liked the playing so much, also your acoustical improvement with the wooden overhang – it not only protects the players from the wind, but it also focuses the sound.
SE, Lagarde

The 2013 Festival

The concert on Wednesday was tremendous! I loved every minute; it was fun to have half in the tower and half in the church… it worked well. The brilliant musicians and their obvious enjoyment of playing together – I was on the edge of my seat throughout. I felt privileged to be in such beautiful surroundings listening to such wonderful music… It was absolutely fabulous, electrifying.
- GW, St Leonard 

The most optimistic evening I have experienced for months.
- DK, Toulouse

A really beautiful evening; can we book now for the next one?
- LM, Merens

What beautiful concerts! We thoroughly enjoyed our two evenings with you and the musicians – the meal, ambiance and the utter pleasure of listening to these talented young professionals!
- SM, Gimbrede 

With their youth they brought a freshness to chamber music which the composers certainly intended. This has tended to be lost in the seriousness of some commercial performances… The Beethoven trio was beautifully performed.
- PW, Montreal

The standard of the musicians you brought to Sainte Mere this year was most impressive. Whatever it takes to maintain that standard.
JR, Terraube

The 2012 Festival

Congratulations on your efforts , rewarded with an excellent festival. I thought the musicians even better than in previous years. We much enjoyed it.
SC, Marsolan

This is exactly the sort of thing that should be supported in this region.
DC, Flamarens

A fabulous finale.  Electric performance of Ravel and wonderful setting afterwards.  Impossible to forget, the images are all so strong.
- PK, Lectoure

Congratulations to you and all, and to the musicians!  It was such a great evening. Yes!  with all four and they way they worked together…  We talked about it a lot afterwards and thought it was very good. In all respects – good program, not too long, not too short.
SE, Fimarcon

The 2011 Festival

Easily the best chamber music in the Gers.
- B Le F, Sainte-Mère.

Congratulations on the choice of music, the choice of musicians and the choice of location; it was perfect.
BL- Lectoure

We both felt so good on the way home, the music was invigorating and we liked the players a lot. The sound of the strings was really good… the strings just resonated better, everybody in tune, and they weren’t fighting with the music, they were really on top of it. Great dinner too.
- WE, Ligardes

So lovely to have such beautiful music in our church; it was sad to see the musicians leave.
- MN, Sainte-Mère

What beautiful evenings we spent with you all; first and foremost the four musicians were absolutely terrific and so very proficient and talented – I loved the Britten and the Shostakovich in particular. The dinner even with a few drops of rain was delightful; the venue in the castle romantic and memorable… we wish you well in preparing for next year.
- McP, Gimbrède 


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